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Christmas Mints

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We had great fun creating this festive holding page for Mint at Mint used their expertise in 3D graphics to create a large red snowflake that has crashed into a wintery scene. The finishing touch was to add some falling snow and a countdown until christmas. Their full site should be coming in the new year.

For the falling snow I used a jQuery plugin I found. The plugin did pretty much what I needed, I just needed to change a few settings so that the flakes fell straignt down instead of jiggling to too and fro and the images used for the snowflakes needed changing for a more authentic snow feel. To add some perspective the  larger snowflakes are more transparent and blurry to give a more out of focus feel. We also layed the content of the page so that the snow falls behind the main banner.

The christmas countdown was also a jQuery plugin. This needed adapting in order for us to customise the images used for the display to one that we created.

Both Web Marmalade and Mint are pleased with the results and will be working together to create Mint's finished website including video showreels in the new year.

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