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Mmm... Mint Marmalade

Web Marmalade have moved in with Mint Motion. I packed up all my stuff this morning and am now all set up and running in my new home in the old Rizla factory.

I went to visit some old collegues Chris, Neil and Pete on Monday this week. They've started a company called Mint that provide motion graphics and CGI for the broadcast, corporate and new media sectors. You can check them out here

Anyway, we had a good chat and by the end of the conversation they'd offered me a desk and some space with them for setting up my office. I'm quite excited, not only because I can get out of the house every day and interact with real people, but it should be a good oppertunity for developing contacts and broadening the services that both Mint and Web Marmalade can offer.

Mint have a nice corner in the old Rizla factory in Treforest along with Dinamo and Machine Productions. There's a nice buzz about the place and I'm looking forward to getting settled in.

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