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Bethel Baptist Church get a new look

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Bethel Baptist Church, Pontyclun asked us to improve their website as it hadn't had any attention since 2005, was looking dated and wasn't doing it's job very well any more. 

The goal is for Bethel to not just have a website with static information about their weekly activities and programmes, but for them to have an online resource for the church, local community and the wider public, providing tools for communication, discussion, advice and community life.

The first step was to give the current site a face lift with the facility to update the content of the site using a Content Management System or CMS. This was done initially using the content that was already contained in their site but presenting it in a more accessible way. We also added the ability to add current news to the home page.

The next step is decide what facilities will be developed and added to the site. Will it be a forum to discuss this weeks sermon or other topical debates? Will it be regular email newsletters? Will it be online debt counselling and advice? You'll have to keep checking to find out.

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